Our Services

Develop happy and loving students

We serve by providing tutoring, holiday workshops and support to all students and parents.

Remedial Tutors

Parow Learning Centre provides remedial and tutoring services to students from four years old to adult.
Our services are safe and secure, providing the students with an excellent place of study and a platform for students to develop their full potential in all areas of their lives. We Tutor: Mathematics & Science, Languages, Homeschoolers & Homework

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Homework Classes

Parow Learning Centre offer Homework classes for any student to attend after school until 18:00.

We absolutely have a passion to join hands with students on their journey to be well educated and assist them with homework and assignments.

We also help the students with test and exam preparation by determining the best Study Method for each individual.
Free Wi-Fi available to students of the Learning Centre.

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Homeschool Tutoring

We offer tutoring for Homeschool students, starting from Grade R to Grade 7!.

We offer tutoring in small groups for Homeschool students! Students thus get the opportunity to work at their own pace according to a proposed weekly schedule.
Flexibility is one of our success factors that assist us to adapt to each student’s individual needs.

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Maths & Science

Math & Science Programs and Workshops.

Mathematics is fun although it is a universal part of human culture. It is the tool and language of commerce, engineering and many other areas. It helps us recognise patterns and to understand the world around us.

Mathematics plays a vital, often unseen, role in many aspects of modern life and whatever your career plans, or if you have no plans at present, a degree in mathematics provides you with particularly good job prospects.

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Private Tutors

Private Tutoring sessions available!

Some students can learn better from one-to-one tutoring.

Our specialized Private Tutors are very competent and well experienced to ensure that the student will get the well-deserved attention, guidance and care that he/she deserves.

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Study Methods

When we sit down to study, it is important to transfer a massive amount of information from the books and notes in front of us to a reliable spot in your mind.

Students need to develop good study habits!
Good Study Methods will assist with:

  • Why brain dominancy is important
  • HOW to answer questions
  • HOW to remember easily
  • HOW to summarise
  • HOW to plan ahead
  • HOW to study
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Transport Service

We offer reliable pick-up transport from surrounding schools to the centre.