... it all starts here!

Tutoring, Homeschool groups, Homework classes


... it all starts here!

Assisting students to reach their full potential


... it all starts here!

Effective Learning programs


...it all starts here!

Maths and Science programs


it all starts here...

The heart of Parow Learning Centre is to design and provide effective learning programs to all and to assist students as they progress into adulthood and create independent lives of their own.

“If you can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way you learn”

Ignacio Estrada

Our services

Develop happy and loving students.

We serve by providing tutoring, holiday workshops and support to all students and parents.

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Private Tutors

Get the well-deserved attention, guidance and care from one-to-one tutoring.

Maths & Science

Maths and Science Programs and Workshops are run on a monthly basis.

Homeschool Tutoring

Tutoring available in small groups to Homeschool students, from Grade R to Grade 7.

Study Methods

We are here to help assist students in developing good study habits.

Homework Classes

We offer Homework classes for any student to attend after school until 18:00.

Transport Service

We offer reliable pick-up transport from surrounding schools to the centre.

We welcome all parents with concerns about their children’s education, no matter what, to discuss it with us.

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Awkwardness when performing physical activities?




Extremely talkative?

Failure in work or school

Failure in work or school despite average or above average intelligence?

We can help!

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